Monday, December 15, 2008

Its been a long time since my last post...

Well, its been a while since my last post. These 5 months was busying for my studies and now finally everything is settle. I m graduating soon, and working soon too. Its kind of stress and sad because is time for me to move to another stage, Mature Stage. I m still in the progress of looking for a job which suits my laziness style. Lol. Recently, the world is facing economy recession and people tends to think that everything is in crisis, lack of job, spending power decrease, save money for future. Well, to me, my point of view, economy crisis is a good opportunity for me as everything comes down to zero again. Zero is the starting point and i would be standing there to race with other job seekers to rebuild the economy, the organization or a small company. So dont let economy crisis influence ur confident in this society. Everyone tends to have their own opportunities and values in this market. Think positive, act positive, result... POSITIVE.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My story...

Due to the request of fei kam and since his birthday is coming soon, so I'll be blogging my life story a bit to let him know, to satisfied his i m busying for the stupid thesis everyday, and of course my latest big game, "Metal Gear Solid 4, Guns Of The Patriots".
This game is awesome i muz say. It runs like a movie, plays like a game. The overall game takes about 19 hours movie cut scenes and 13 hours game play to finish it "if" i'm not mistaken. Those who like to enjoy stealth game should go and try for it. The stunning graphics and the interactions with the environment are the best part of the game. No regret owning a ps3, the next gen gaming consoles. But of course, the "one piece of game" cost a bomb for me.TT. One piece of blu-ray (not blue-ray)is around 200++. But no choice. i m a gamer, but onli a casual gamer, not extreme gamer. If not, later become yeah, i juz bought a new movie, RAMBO 4. i noe is abit outdated but who cares?as long as the movie is ohm enough for me. This movie is so violence and fugly. But the rhythm of this movie is so nice. Will try to buy from part 1 to part 3 as a collection since the movie is not bad. Well, nuthing much to write. Will be continueing my blogstory soon. Ciaoz

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Its been a long time since my lost blog

sorry for the slow post...its been a busy sem for me with tons of project and exams...will try to recover asap and back to posting the lamest story..ciaoz

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

David BecKAM....the legendary...? last the second!!!...and David BecKAM scores!!!yes...KALASAI TEAM HAS WON THE 2008 MAS(MANA ADA SYSTEM) CHAMPIONSHIP CUP..HE DID IT!!!

well...before that...let me introduced to u who is david becKAM..becKAM is a newbie basketball player who juz join the Kalasai team....he wanted to play for Kalasai team n help them to get the 2008 MAS CUP..but he cant becoz..he was alwiz bully by his teammate name Expired Fish and Mustafar Liang...

During the training session...Expired fish alwiz uses the basketball to throw him or kick him and mustafar liang like to touch and kiss his asss..~~kind of sexual harrass...~~lol~~...

Until one day....becKam finally kenot tahan anymore...he started to defend himself n scold them...FUK OFF..DUN THROW ME AND DUN TOUCH MY ASS U LITTLE PUSSY KID....
holyshit...Expired and mustafar is damn mad...wif fire burning in their eyes....looking at him...

Omg..wat will happen to becKam?

~~~To be continue~~

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Golden Kampass 2nd part..(18SX)

Yes...fat kid smpsam and liangdog are on their way to chase the evil demon fish before its too late..during the long journey..they have gone through alot of trap such as .."eating rotten banana","sleep while raining" and the places they walkthrough are all flooded with blood and dead bodies...ish....Finally dey found that demon fish is wondering around in the golden mountain..n somehow looks like searching for the golden kampass...

Fat kid smpsam : hey bad fish..stop searching..i was juz joking with u..golden kampass doesnt even exist in this world...

Demon Fish : Fu*k you...u say ada punya?KAMNASAI

Liangdog : enough of being a fool..i let u torture my dear..come...(lying on the floor like gay..eyer)..~~COME MY BABY...

Demon Fish : Fuck off..i m not in the mood to play SM with you without the golden Kampass...

Fat kid smpsam finally think out a special idea..yea..wat it is?

Fat kid smpsam : hei..i have the golden kampass with gold colour..see....!!

Demon Fish took it from smpsam and start questioning how to use it.

Demon Fish : HEI..HOW SHOULD I USE IT!!!???

Fat kid smpsam : this is golden kampass..u also can call it as domdom...wear it on ur "paip water"..after that target ur "paip water" towards the right hole...and enjoy the sweetest moment in

Demon Fish : many holes u got???

Liangdog : 1 ...2 ....3.....4....should be 4 i think...


Fat kid smpsam : cool down my the hole that u feel most comfortable..

Demon Fish follow the steps given by Fat kid smpsam

Demon Fish and Liangdog are both screaming loud and clear...

Fat kid Smpsam : so isnt it better den playing SM?

Demon Fish : shut up u bit*h... YEAH~~

Fat kid smpsam : HAHAHA...

Human s*x starts wif e*e and a*am...n thats how animal starts with...DEMON FISH AND LIANDOG... LOL

~~The END~~

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Golden KAMpass...(18SG)

~Long long time ago...there was a young fat kid smpkam who lives in a cold cold...One day..he saw a small puppy name Liangdog...lying on the seems like its badly injured...a bad guy Demon fish is assaulting the puppy wif a dudo....(lol!!!)Liangdog is yawwning...(lol again)!!"

Fat kid smpkam rush in front and stop the Demon fish and shout at him : "hei..!!wat are u doing?isnt it violence to whack a dog wif a dudo?"
Demon fish: "Den in ur opinion, wat should i use"?
To save the dog..Fat kid smpkam simply answer him by giving him the golden answer : "THE GOLDEN KAMPASS".

~And the scene change and showing the author JX, Writer: JX, Editor: JX.....and finally turn back into the whacking scene...

Demon Fish : " The golden Kampass?where can i get that piece of shit?"
Smpkam replied: "erm...maybe the golden mountain..."..
Demon fish: "ok ..i will search for this piece of shit..afk..brb..."
Demon fish jump into the acid river n swim his way to the GOLDEN MOUNTAIN...
Smpkam walk in front to liangdog and sending condolence to him.."how r u, my dog(frend)?"
Liangdog is so mad by saying: "WTF..i m enjoying the dudo wif pleasure and u are interrupting saying the golden kampass...Do u know that Demon fish is the most devil fish in this Silver mountain? if he walks into the golden mountain...all the living animal in the golden mountain will be tortured till dead by that little devil fish...we have to hurry n stop him before its too late..."
SmpKAM: "OMG!!LETS GO...~~~.........."
~Suddenly..a handsome magician speaks out: THE golden kampass can stop him...u muz get it before he has it..the golden kampass has the special ability and power to save the world...

Smpkam:" Who r u ?
Liangdog:"yeah..who the fuk r u ..?...The magician : "i m someone wif name is nonamekid...n dissappeared like ninja style...
Smpkam looking at liangdog...:"lets start our journey"..............................................

Will dey able stop demon fish in time?can dey do it in time?

To be continued..................... COPYRIGHT: BY MR KJX

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


yes..smpsam is dying soon...soon..very soon...4 of them can do nuthing...malaykid is crying like a dog..chin cb fishie and solo teo is steady like a cat...finally......smpsam...die peacefully wif a cute smile...malaykid is hugging smpsam so tight..damn kao tight that 1...n screaming...KAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!n kiss his cheeks..chin cb fishie n solo teo felt so's wrong wif man......suddenly...a super handsome guy's appeared and touch malaykid's shoulder n said: "dun sad brother..i m jx..let me save ur lover".....with a simple n stylish touch on smpsam's face...he is opening his eyes...HE IS REVIVING!!!!everybody is stun in that miracle moment..unbelieveble~!!~!~!~!~!!~!....malaykid and smpsam hug so tight..wat a touching moment...but yet so geli..eyer...and jx dissappeared in a stylish and handsome way again..lastly..dey walk throughwards the sunshine...with a wonderful ending....peace~~~